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Rhea Technologies Unveils a Refreshed Brand Identity Alongside a Renewed Brand Vision

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Jessica Ter
Rhea Technologies Unveils a Refreshed Brand Identity Alongside a Renewed Brand Vision

"We've changed, for the better!" CEO and Founder of Rhea Technologies Cameron Schroeder announces.

With much excitement, Rhea Technologies is thrilled to announce the unveiling of a renewed brand identity that represents a monumental pivot in refining their value proposition and vision.

In reinventing their offerings and direction as a business, the transformation serves as a vital demonstration that Rhea Technologies represents a company that fosters digital innovation with a focus on scaling relationships through AI-powered solutions.

"Our mission is to standardise excellent service for sales and customer support." Cameron says.

Rhea's key product: DONNA is a white label SMS based chatbot, designed to qualify and follow up on leads.

DONNA answers property enquiries immediately and at scale, so lead generation platforms can expand their offerings to increase their value, revenue and customer satisfaction.

"At Rhea, we see a need for scalable communication in leasing and sales within the property industry."

"We look forward to introducing our renewed product that’s effectively been designed for our proptech peers, where we can create a collaborative ecosystem that results in better products, and services - reflective of an identity that aligns closer to our mission."

"We are beyond excited to redefine who we are, drive change and shape the future of the proptech industry and would like to sincerely thank our loyal clients, associates and team for the ongoing support."

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