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Instagram Stories for Agents: 6 Easy Ways to Drive Engagement

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Jessica Ter
Instagram Stories for Agents: 6 Easy Ways to Drive Engagement

If you're an agent still refusing to join social media, you might be in for a rude awakening. Instagram and other platforms alike have since become the leading marketing tool for agent's looking to build their profile, engage with their clients, and advertise their listings and wins.

The harsh reality is agents who don't dive headfirst into social media will get left in the dust.

In this week's blog, we share some of the best strategies for agents to create engaging stories on everyone's most used social media app: Instagram.

1. Use CTAs (Calls to Action) Regularly in Your Stories

Adding a CTA to a story can give you an immediate boost. Unlike feed posts, you can force engagement with your audience using polls, quizzes and questions. Interact with your audience asking their preference in housing styles, bathroom decor, neighbourhood preferences etc.

2. Post Reels to Your Story

Reels are formatted perfectly for stories. Share your Reel or someone else’s to keep your followers engaged and entertained!

3. Post Stories Throughout the Day, Not All at Once

Avoid bunching stories unless the posts are connected and must appear immediately after one another. By spreading out your stories, you're more likely to hit people using Instagram at different times - your goal is to be top of feed, top of mind.

4. Add Music

A great way to provide further context to your content is with music. It also makes stories more entertaining and we all know every property tour is 10 x better with music.

TIP: just remember to add a “Sound On” sticker so people watching know there is music in your story.

5. Use GIFs & Stickers

Like adding music, adding GIFs or stickers provides context to your stories. An extra surprised GIF may get someone to look at your story for a bit longer and read into your content more deeply.

6. Be Consistent

As cliché as it sounds, being consistent and posting daily to your story is key to ensuring you're receiving constant engagement. Story posts are also so much easier because you never have to worry about the number of likes, comments, and engagement seen by the public.