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How to Capture 30% of All Sales in Your Target Area

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Jessica Ter
How to Capture 30% of All Sales in Your Target Area

If you’re an experienced real estate professional, then you're well aware of how competitive and challenging it is to dominate your target area.

A successful agent captures upwards of 30% of the transactions of their selected neighbourhood. Prospecting in location-specific areas allows you to zero in on your audience and laser-focuses your marketing message, giving it more relevancy and more opportunity to motivate homeowners to act! And to act with you!

But how do we capture 30% of the target market I hear you ask?

Here we explain simply how to be the go-to agent in your chosen area with an effective strategy you need to take your business to the next level.

STEP ONE: Be an expert in your select area

Educate, research and have expert-knowledge in your target area. You'll have a higher chance of vendors instilling trust in your services when they feel like their most valuable asset is in safe hands by an expert that knows the area and market at an expert level.

This includes knowing elements like are the homes near a major highway, is there access beach access, how close is the nearest grocery store, median sale price and lot size in the area.

These are things that the residents of your area live with every day, if you want to be the go-to real estate agent, you’ve got to know about them too.

STEP TWO: Understand your target market

You can't connect with your audience when you don't understand the behaviours and characteristics specific to your audience! Find out what the average age of age of the person living in the area is? Level of education, preferred methods of communication, how do they consume news and information, and of course are they on social media?Understanding your audience will better allow you to craft a message that will resonate with them, and allow you to capture more of those sales as your own.

STEP THREE: Create an effective marketing strategy

In order to harvest from your farm, you have to nurture your leads consistently, which means delivering them regular, quality content . Agents that are delivering consistent value to homeowners whilst remaining top of mind in their area are the agents that discover the most success.

The key to an effective marketing strategy is:

  1. Creating a message that provides value
  2. Always have a Call to Action in every message
  3. Informative statistics
  4. Your Messaging MUST Be Consistent

STEP FOUR: Manage and Track Your Leads

The contacts you make in your selected area are direct result from consistent effort to build relationships. Ensure you're updating and maintaining an up to date CRM so you can automate certain digital communication or refer back to information of a certain vendor to ensure you're providing the best service in a timely manner to your database. Before you know it you'll be the go-to real estate neighbourhood expert.