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6 Top Marketing Strategies to Build & Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Jessica Ter
6 Top Marketing Strategies to Build & Grow Your Real Estate Business

We all groan and moan when work gets 'too busy', but for a real estate agent 'too busy' is not necessarily a bad thing!

Busy means we're building stronger relationships, busy equates to securing more business, busy is a wonderful product of success and a sure sign we're doing something right.

But what about when we're not busy or perhaps just beginning our journey in the real estate market?

Well every successful professional will tell you marketing is the pinnacle of what transforms a good business to a great business.

In fact, marketing is an essential component for every business who wants to succeed and dominate their competition.

Here's 6 marketing strategies we suggest to take your business to new heights:

1. Email Marketing that Converts

It's marketing 101. With a staggering 99% consumers checking their emails every day, you'd be wild not to adopt this strategy to nurture and inform your clients. The benefits of email marketing? Well it's a great tool to stay in contact with your clients on a consistent basis. By sending creative, informative and personalised content, you build stronger relationships with your audience as a result.

2. Engaging Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 69.6% of businesses use Facebook as a way to build a brand presence and attract prospective leads? In fact, social media is one of the best ways to connect with clients and build your digital footprint. Consider using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and ensure the content you're publishing is tailored to your target audience.

3. Build a Free Offer

What's the most common question vendors are wanting to know? You guessed it! It's: "how much is my property worth?" Clients, no matter how young or old get ever so excited for a free offer. It's also a great way for you to establish a relationship, get a feel of what your vendor is wanting and attracting new business.

4. Create a Lead Generation Tool

Marketing assets without a call-to-action is wasted marketing! Ensure your marketing whether it's an email, newsletter, social media post or even a newspaper ad is requesting your audience to head to your website, give you a call or submit interest. Your number one priority when it comes to your marketing strategy is to be generating leads.

5. Collect Reviews

Build credibility as a business. Remember: trust is earned, not given. Social proof is the best way to strengthen your relationships, establish authority and gain better brand recognition. Positive reviews also serve to leverage past success stories to instil confidence and capture new clients.

6. Partner with Local Businesses

What better way to remain relevant and be front of mind in your selected area than to partner with local businesses? Whether it's the local gym or local cafe, build stronger relationships with your audience and foster a more sincere presence in your selected area by connecting with the locals down the road.