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5 Ways AI Will Help Scale Your Business

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Jessica Ter
5 Ways AI Will Help Scale Your Business




We would be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit that all we want is to be the Ryan Serhant's or Gavin Rubenstein's of real estate. But how to achieve this level of status? How do you continue scaling your real estate business? Well, it demands building rapport with existing clients, initiating  conversations with new prospects. It means having a flexible schedule with constant availability. It requires providing impeccable service for your clients, and consistently up-skilling yourself and your staff with new agile processes.

Sound exhausting?

Well, it’s common knowledge that AI holds immense value across many professions. In fact, 84% of business executives have reported they would not have achieved their growth objectives without the use of AI. AI has assisted many industries unlock new efficiencies and sustain continuous growth.

So for you aspiring Serhant's and Rubenstein's, we've listed 5 ways AI will help scale your business today:

1. Improved Productivity

It's obvious isn't it? With more automated processes, you'll have more time to grow your business. Whether you're spending that time looking to secure new projects or deepening your relationships - your productivity will be improved dramatically with less work on your plate.

2. Personalised Conversations

These days, clients expect personalisation as a standard when it comes to customer service. Thanks to AI-driven analytics, you and your team are able to relate to your clients on a more personal level, with access to data and information on your clients acquired through every digital touchpoint.

3. Streamlined Customer Journey

Whether your clients are looking to buy or sell a property, offering a seamless journey from start to finish with the help of AI reduces friction and increases the likelihood of leads converting to vendors dramatically. A more streamlined customer journey also equates to improved customer experience.

4. Greater Data Captured

All real estate agents understand the value of data, which is the very reason AI technology is so integral to scaling your business. AI-powered analytics open the door to new opportunities by providing you updated information on your clients through every interaction, without you having to lift a finger. Imagine having access to great amounts of data without having to cold call or door knock! Ahh, the luxury.

5. Increased Business Opportunities

We'll keep this simple.

AI Technology = More Time

More Time = Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity = Growth

Growth = Increased Business Opportunities

Increased Business Opportunities = Scaling Your Business

Scaling Your Business = The Serhant's and Rubenstein's

To circle back to our initial question:  How do you continue scaling your real estate business?

Well, the secret formula is there. Before you know it, you've got a contract to host a property TV series with Amazon Prime.