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5 Key Qualities Homeowners Value in a Real Estate Agent

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Jessica Ter
5 Key Qualities Homeowners Value in a Real Estate Agent

A good agent knows selling a home isn't just a business transaction, it's about connecting with people and handling their most valuable asset. Clients require support by an expert that will continually work on achieving great outcomes for all parties. Top performing agents posses qualities that display a deep understanding of the area in which they operate and have a strong sales history to back their strategy.

In this week's instalment - we share 5 key qualities homeowners value and look for in a real estate agent.

1. Regular Communication

Keep your clients up to date with current buying or selling conditions regularly! What may seem insignificant information to you, who's been in the business for years can be really important to clients who are new to the real estate game. Regular communication builds trust, deepens relationships and fosters confidence within your clients.

Ben Hatch from Harcourts Real Estate in WA says: “if your clients keep calling you, you’re not giving them enough information.”

2. Proactive Selling

A good agent is proactively calling potential buyers, communicating with existing clients in their database and constantly chasing new leads. Vendors know they're in safe hands knowing their agent is proactively seeking the best price for their property.

3. Actively Listening

It's the responsibility of a good agent to understand their client. This includes preferred method of communication, why they're selling their house, their expectations, and how they're feeling during every stage of the selling process. A good agent should be asking all the questions, yes. But a great agent is actively listening to their client to make ensure their needs are reasonably met.

4. Client-motivated

We know, if the vendor achieves a good result, the agent receives a good return. But clients need to feel you're on their side and that you'll do the best you can to ensure they're happy, and not only working for your own benefit. The key element to being client motivated is being genuine and honest about doing what's right for your vendor.

5. Knowledge of the Local Area

It's not just about selling the home, it's about selling the life that comes with it. This requires a deep understanding of the local area. Think train and bus routes, nearby activities for kids, restaurants, shopping precincts and local planning regulations. The more knowledge you have of the local area, the more you look and seem like an expert in your patch.