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5 Crucial Text Messaging Tips for Agents in the New Year

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Jessica Ter
5 Crucial Text Messaging Tips for Agents in the New Year

Of course, knowing the right questions to ask and when is important, but there is also an etiquette to text messaging that is important to follow if you want to convert. Here are 5 tips to make sure your texts increase your odds of connecting.

1. Less Is More

The truth is, long text messages are often overlooked. Why? Because clients don't want to be inundated with lots of information at once, they also don't want to read a long winded story on their phones. Think about it - no one has time for that.

Ensure your messages are: brief, to the point and only requesting one piece of information or asking for one call to action to avoid confusing your clients.

Try something like:

Hey [lead name], I see you have been looking at homes in [city]. Just wondering if you have a time frame that you wanted to be in a new home? Thanks, [agent name] [website]

2. Don’t Send Too Many Texts at Once

You've either dated a crazy ex or you were the crazy ex who sent message after message after message. Remember, we want to create a genuine connection with our clients. We want to build trust and uphold a professional manner. With that being said, it's best to keep text outreach to once every few days or once every week unless responding to a received message. Bombarding your clients with several text messages at once is a big no, no!

3. Personalise Your Texts

You're more likely to leave an impression when your clients feel you understand their needs on a more personal level. Take the time to make your messages personal. With so much automation going out through drip campaigns, this takes the robotic feel out of it for the client.

4. Keep Engagement to One Subject/Question at a Time

Have you ever noticed when you text a teenager they come back with one-word responses? I mean, if you're lucky, you get the tbh or wbu. Well, sadly, many adults do the exact same thing these days. Some are actually worse because they can’t type as fast as a teenager!

So keep your messages simple whenever you can, and never try to jam too many questions or ideas into one short text.

5. Don’t Ask to Talk Right Away

Respect how the lead is responding to you. After all, they are probably texting because it is more than likely their preferred way of communicating. If you ask for a phone call too quickly, you just might get the ghost response. You need to build rapport slowly and steadily.

Act like you are going on a date with someone you haven’t met yet. Be gentle and respectful with your conversation. And NEVER assume! Just because they are looking doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. Your goal is to find out where they are in the process in a few words, WITHOUT annoying them!