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4 Tips to Win Property Listings in Lockdown

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Jessica Ter
4 Tips to Win Property Listings in Lockdown

It's no big revelation the real estate industry has had its fair share of highs and lows over the past 18 months.

With frequent lockdowns enforced across the country, and in-person inspections, presentations and auctions at a halt, many agents, vendors and potential buyers alike have had to experience a frustrating standstill.

Though with its challenges, comes its triumphs. CoreLogic's data have shown, buyers are rampant as ever to purchase property and prices have sky rocketed like never before across every state, with QLD leading the way at a rise of 18% over the past year.

So how do we as real estate professionals, maximise and adjust our business to a market that is placed so perfectly for sellers during a time that is ever-changing?

Pop your glasses on, here's 4 ways to WIN property listings during lockdown:

1. Consistent Communication

Believe me - your vendors and buyers are just as frustrated as you are. With events cancelled,  travel restrictions and not being able to see loved ones, it's truly a tough time for all. So there's no better time than ever to nurture your clients. Commit to over-servicing and over-communicating property updates to encourage a positive mindset. The goal is to nurture and be another voice of reason and guidance. Sometimes, this also looks like checking in on how your clients are feeling, rather than just talking business. Offering this support only strengthens your relationships and benefits you in the long run.

2. Invest into Online Marketing

There's a reason why Netflix and TikTok users increased immensely during lockdown. It's because the average person spends on average 6 hours a day on their phones! As effective marketing has shifted from traditional methods to digital platforms - it's absolutely critical to ensure your business stands out on relevant media platforms to remain top of mind with your audience.

3. Personalised Digital Presentations

Alas, another lockdown. Say goodbye to in person listing presentations, and say hello to Zoom sessions. As real estate specialists, we must adapt to all types of working environments - this means taking advantage of the available resources and leveraging off technology that will position you as dynamic and agile in business dealings. Create a digital listing presentation personalised to the vendor ( you've got the time! ). Or set up a Zoom meeting with your prospect and present creatively through the screen.

4. Preparation

Yes, the shackles will be released eventually and lockdown will soon come to an end. Preparation is key to ensuring you're hitting the ground running and returning to business as usual. Establish initial contact with photographers, marketers, relevant stakeholders and buyers ( if available ) during lockdown, so when the gates are back open, you'll have the upper hand against your competition with all things organised in advance.

Lockdown? Come at me.