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4 Tasks Every Real Estate Professional Should Automate

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Jessica Ter
4 Tasks Every Real Estate Professional Should Automate

Consider this: the more you automate, the more time you have.

You might be thinking, "thanks for the nugget of wisdom Captain Obvious" and firstly, you're welcome. Secondly, let's dive deeper into this. Automation is no longer a nice to have, it's the key to restoring your non-renewable resources like valuable time and energy into more important tasks.

The list of things you should automate is almost endless, however we've created a list of just 4 tasks that should be automated for you to maximise your business, and remain above your competitors.

1) Automated Open Home Follow Ups

Sick of spending hours every Monday morning calling your open home attendees for feedback?

With automated follow ups, you don't have to! Imagine having an automated digital assistant who followed up with all of your open home attendees via SMS for you. With the feedback and responses you receive, you're able to fast track who you should be in communication with, providing you greater context and more information.

2) Automated Lead Nurturing

One of the most difficult things to do as a real estate professional is to simply stay in front of your potential clients and sales prospects. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest things to automate! You wouldn’t propose marriage on a first date, right? The same logic applies to a new prospect. Did you know 73% of leads aren’t yet ready to become clients, according to a report by the research firm MarketingSherpa. Automating a “lead nurturing” process prevents prospects from slipping through the cracks, allowing you to keep in touch without having to remember to do so. Our, automation software can gently nurture your clients and prospects until they're ready to buy or sell with you!

3) Automated Data Entry

Let's face it, keeping your CRM updated is the bane of everyone's existence. It's tedious, endless, exhausting and when you're not inputting the data received immediately, it can be difficult to recall accurate information received days, weeks, sometimes months ago. So why not automate it? Drop the the pen and paper and step away from the keyboard. Our automation software will help you revitalise your CRM by automatically syncing new data as it's being received from your clients in real time. Maintain a flawless CRM through every digital interaction.

4) Automated Call Back Requests

Don't worry, you're not being replaced! AI and automations are here to assist and support you by taking some of the weight off your shoulders. Genuine and meaningful relationships still require human to human contact. That's why automated call back requests are so important, whether your clients want to discuss prices or would like more information, a call back request allows you to understand who needs more clarity so you can start the conversation.