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Lead qualification

Never choose between quality and quantity again. Get your leads name, email and phone number and FINN will follow up to qualify your instantaneously.

Instant follow up

Did you know that 40% of leads go to the sales person who responds first? FINN responds in 5-minutes or less to qualify your lead and answer any basic questions they may have.


's Features

Check out our list of awesome features below.

24/7 Client Support

Provide excellent support to your clients with the ability to answer questions with accuracy, nurture and analyse leads 24/7 with DONNA.

Automated CRM Integration

DONNA syncs directly into your CRM - connecting new data for existing and new clients seamlessly.

Lead Generation

Generate leads and dominate your target area automatically using DONNA's powerful AI capabilities.

Personalised Mass Marketing

Automatically send personalised marketing to your clients based on their preferences and interest.

Relationship Management

Solidify your relationships through DONNA's AI-powered conversations. DONNA offers powerful follow up tools to engage with your clients more authentically.

Improved Productivity

DONNA will streamline operations and improve your productivity, so you can focus on solidifying relationships and closing sales.

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Can I trial an assistant before subscribing?

We currently do not offer free trials due to our onboarding, server & SMS costs from our suppliers. We do however offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

Where does the generated data go?

We integrate directly with your CRM! We are currently integrated with REX and soon to be VaultRE. If you do not use either of these CRM's, let us know and we will contact your provider to review options.

What plan should I buy?

White Label is designed to be integrated with your existing marketing services, so if your lead generation platform doesn't currently offer our assistant, please let us know.

Subscription is for those franchises looking to provide value to their franchisees, agents and clients through excellent standardised service.

How do our SMS costings work?

We have a simple scalable pricing model that charges $0.10 per SMS sent. We offer customisation options for each user account so you can take control of your service and costings.

Still have questions? Email us at hello@meetrhea.com.au