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About Us

Scalling communication within real estate to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

At Rhea Technologies, our mission is to provide real estate agents an easier and more enjoyable way to achieve success in their business. We offer streamlined solutions using innovative software to harmonise communication with your clients. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), our technology aims to give agents the power to manage an infinite scale of business with autonomous communication.

Our Values


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Chief Technology Officer
'Tourney poker player, soccer dad and dog’s best friend'

Leading product development and pioneering the tech front, John proudly joins the Rhea team as tech advisor. Boasting an impressive career, spanning over 21 years has seen John work alongside esteemed tech companies including CBRE, ABX, TopStocks and Exergenics just to name a few.

John's extensive technical background and successful track record in major project delivery in the digital and engineering space has continued to deliver immense value in creating Donna and sparking tech innovation within Rhea Technologies.


Founder & CEO
'Amateur foodie, foil surfer and audio book addict.’

A true tech innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit, Cameron's extensive knowledge and  profound understanding in natural language processing saw a monumental opportunity to establish and lead the team as CEO of Rhea Technologies.

Drawing on his vast experience in achieving high ticket lead generation, as well as co-founding his own media company specifically dedicated to the real estate sector, Cameron's passion for revolutionising human involvement with technology gave birth to Rhea's key product: Donna.


Marketing & Account Manager
'Dog whisperer, sun seeker and peanut butter fanatic.'

A communications professional with a deep passion for agile marketing strategies, memorable branding experiences, provoking PR campaigns and all things creative, Jessica has proudly joined the Rhea team as marketing and account manager.

Exceptionally motivated and passionate, Jessica applies her creative self to ensuring Rhea's marketing, branding and PR strategy remains highly engaging to successfully meet and exceed business objectives.

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