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Client Managment

Automate your client’s journey, naturally, intuitively, and authentically through Donna.

Customer Support

Provide 24/7 support to leads and property enquiries with accuracy through Donna.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads and engage in context driven conversations through Donna.

Automated Agent Online Review Collection

Instil confidence through social proof with Donna's automated review collection tool. Donna will collect and publish your reviews for you so you save time whilst building more stronger authentic relationships with your audience.

Automated Open Home Follow Up

Stressed with too many open home attendees to count? Donna will automatically follow up with your open home attendees to request feedback, answer property enquiries and further qualify potential leads to provide you more context in negotiation.

Automated CRM Integration

Collecting data has never been easier. Donna will dynamically sync to your CRM, providing you greater context and more information about potential leads through every digital interaction.

Property Enquiry 24/7 Support

Boost your audience engagement and save time responding to repetitive, tedious enquiries with Donna's automated support. Property questions will be answered instantly at any time and any day with Donna's conversational assistance.

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